Who We Are

Humber Menís Sheds Alliance

Welcome to our website. We are an Alliance of Men’s Sheds across the Humber area. We are all individual charities, but we joined forces as an Alliance in November 2019 to support each other, share ideas and friendship, develop new projects and support emerging Sheds. We meet regularly either face to face (pre-Covid) or online to discuss all things ‘Shed’.

What is a Shed?

If you are unsure what a ‘Men’s Shed’ is, then take a tour using the ‘Find a Shed’ button on this website. You will see that Men’s Sheds are probably much more than you expected, especially if you thought, as many do, that we work out of garden sheds. Our Sheds come in all shapes and sizes and are for people over the age of 18.

How it started

Men’s Sheds are part of an international movement which started in Australia during the 1990’s aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of men. You can now find hundreds of Sheds across the UK, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, USA and Ireland as well as Australia.

The main purpose of Men’s Sheds is to help us remain connected after we retire, if we become unemployed, if we are bereaved, or when we are facing difficult times in our lives. We may simply be looking for something to do and a place to go where we can have a laugh, enjoy a bit of banter, drink copious amounts of tea and eat too many biscuits.

One of our members, age (well over) 80 years, said “Coming to the Shed is better than any Doctors prescription.”

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