What We Do

How Sheds Operate

We manage and lead our own Sheds and engage in activities that interest us, such as woodwork, metalwork, photography, gardening. It is up to our members to decide how Sheds operate and develop. We make things for ourselves, for our Sheds, and for our communities. We get involved in community activities and support local groups in many ways. We are also well supported by organisations, groups and businesses.

How is it facilitated?

The Humber Men in Sheds Alliance is facilitated by Humber and Wolds Rural Action through East Riding of Yorkshire Council Public Health funding and more recently, National Lottery Covid-19 grant funding. We also receive support from other many other organisations across the Humber area, providing access to information, advice and guidance for the benefit of our members, and to ensure our Sheds are safe and sustainable for many years to come.

This website has been made possible through a donation by The National Lottery Covid-19 Fund. Come and see us sometime!

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