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5th July 2021

Welcome to whatimpact: 

whatimpact is a new matchmaking marketplace that connects charities and social enterprises with companies and grant makers. We do this by using AI technology. All organisations create profiles explaining who they are and what they do. These profiles are then matched automatically with supporters, saving you your time, resources and money. 


Charities list the help they need (money, products, services and volunteers) and also the projects they are running.


whatimpact features:

Donation database (money, skills, products and services)
Supporter member database
Social Impact Reporting Tools developed in collaboration with NCVO Evaluation Services 
Promotable MATCH greeting videos to document your match, great for social media channels
Shareable profiles
Offer applications are under 5 minutes to complete
A communication channel allows you to talk directly to the company or grant maker
We are currently running our free, no obligations trail till 30th September. For more information, visit or check out our white paper (attached).


Getting Started:

I would highly recommend you first fill in the template attached, to store your data. Also, I can then fill the online profile to save you time, if you would like. 


You can access lots of useful articles on how to make the most of your profile here.


Examples of charity profiles on our site include Hammersley Homes, FFLV and Eat Club. 

Check them out to get an idea of what's to come. 


It is very important that you also add activities/ projects to your profile as these will be what you match with. This can be a one-off project, campaign, or your overall charitable activity. This video tutorial goes through the process step by step.

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