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9th June 2021

Do you need support on projects involving fundraising, marketing, graphic design and more?

As restrictions are removed and we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, charities need to re-adapt and at Ethical Angel we recognise this. 

To overcome challenges around workload, fundraising and service delivery, we would like to invite you to join our community for free.

Ethical Angel is the leading virtual volunteering platform in the UK, providing charities with access to a network of over 2000 skilled volunteers. We use technology to match you with professionals who have the skills to deliver on projects that benefit your organisation.

What are projects?

Projects vary in length and style, they can be short and simple specialist tasks or ongoing mentorship opportunities. Some examples include…

Digital fundraising strategy
Corporate engagement strategy
Website review
Social media mentor
We have over 60 projects in 9 different categories covering everything from IT support and policy to graphic design and copywriting. Could you benefit from support on projects with industry experts? Apply for your free membership today!

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