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Community Energy Ambassador training

28th October 2021

It is difficult to miss everything that is going on with energy prices at the moment.

Two energy suppliers went bust last week, four could go this week, some experts suggest there may only be 10 suppliers left by the end of the year and gas prices are rocketing. Many households are going to find it extremely difficult to heat their homes and pay rising energy bills this winter.

If you support vulnerable households, or have links into local communities, then why not train a staff member or volunteer up as a Community Energy Ambassador?

Yorkshire Energy Doctor will be running free courses that will equip attendees to be able to advise local residents on ways to reduce their energy costs and provide loads of useful information on the schemes available to help people to heat their homes over the winter – all of which can be shared with your clients/beneficiaries/service users etc.

They will also tell you exactly what is going on at the moment in terms of energy prices and suppliers and what to do to help people through this difficult period, including if their supplier goes bust.

The courses are funded by Northern Gas Networks so are free to anyone in Yorkshire, the Northeast and Cumbria.


The courses are run on Zoom. The next dates are:

·         Course starting Thurs 4th Nov, 9.30 – 11am. Book a place here

·         Course starting Thurs 2nd Dec, 1.30 – 3pm. Book a place here

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