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Our Shed is located in Barton within the Hub on Maltby Lane
DN18 5PY

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Tel 07553065230

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Charity Number 1194210

Our shed is a place where people can come together to share practical interests as well as place where friendships are built, skills and knowledge are shared and of course, plenty of tea drinking and laughter.

The types of activities that take place is determined by those who attend who are known as shedders.

This is  usually based on the shedders existing skills, hobbies, and interests which normally include  social activities, gardening,  woodworking, repairing and restoring of items.   

The Shed is not so much about the activities or the building, it’s more  about  community, connections and relationships that are built between those who attend.

Tools , Tinkering and Tea sum up the activities that most often take place in the shed!

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