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Volunteer Week- Thank You

7th June 2021

The Humber Men in Sheds Alliance facilitated by HWRA, supports the work of trustee boards of Alliance member sheds that have been set up across the locality. 

The trustees do an immense amount of work behind the scenes to ensure the sheds are operationally fit for purpose from a governance and Health & Safety perspective as well as looking after the day to day running of the sheds.

The trustees bring a vast range of different skills to the shed, which are invaluable as well as giving many hours of their time. During the Covid pandemic whilst sheds have been closed trustees have kept in touch with their members via Zoom, telephone or by letter, to ensure those ‘shedders’ who have a limited support network have been able to maintain contact with their fellow ‘shedders’ throughout the pandemic.

Many Sheds have played their part during the Covid 19 pandemic by linking with other charitable organisations and service providers.        

This has included providing a space to operate food banks and space to make up packs that were distributed to volunteers to make PPE gowns for local healthcare providers when resources were in limited supply.

On behalf of HWRA and the Humber Men in Sheds Alliance we would like to thank you all for the contribution you have made over the last year to your sheds and to the Humber Men in Sheds Alliance. We look forward to working with you in the months to come when hopefully we can fully re-open sheds and continue to set up new sheds across the locality.                       

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