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An opportunity to be a part of social history recording!

25th June 2021

An opportunity to be a part of social history recording!

We have been asked if North Lincolnshire sheds would contribute to a North Lincolnshire Museum Service Exhibition that will record the positives aspects that have come out of the Covid 19 Pandemic for posterity as this is an important part of social history.

They are looking for stories that tell either personal experiences, or those of your shed. This could include such things as how the use of technology such as zoom as helped you or the shed overcome social isolation and helped you to keep in contact with family and friends during the pandemic. It could also be about the ‘sunshine moments’ or acts of kindness bestowed on you or things you have been doing to help others.

 At this stage we are just asking for expressions of interest from individuals or sheds who want to take part as North Lincolnshire Museum staff will select the stories to include in the exhibition which will open in October 2021. Other stories not included in the exhibition will not go to waste, but will be used in other ways to record this moment in history.

If you would like to register your interest, please email

Many thanks

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